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360 building project

The 360 building is a project to create more space for community and connection at Northgate. The new building will have more space for Sunday school classes, a coffee bar and community space, and a prayer wall on the second floor. 


One of the main goals of the building is to connect with our local community. Out of that heart came the idea for the second floor to feature as many windows as possible so that we can see and pray for our neighborhood in 360 degrees. This is the reason we are calling it the 360 building. The second floor will also feature a replica of the prayer wall in Jerusalem where people can come and leave prayer requests.


Please pray for God’s guidance and provision as we undergo this project. If you would like to give to the project, click the easy tithe link. In the “fund” drop-down menu, select other. Then in the “note” line write “360 building”. Thank you for your support on this journey! 


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